Ann Arbor Bird Control It has been our mission from the start to offer the most effective, affordable, and humane bird removal program. We made sure that all our technicians are capable of delivering an outstanding service before they will be deployed on a job. They have been trained to use the latest techniques, treatments, tools, and equipment. We also guarantee that the methodologies that we are using will leave only a nominal amount of impact on our environment. We are following the highest level of standard in the business and we make sure that we remain true to the core values of our business. Over the years, we have developed industry-leading bird control techniques conducted only by the authorized and certified specialists. Whether you have a nuisance bird such as pigeons or you have an animal included in the protected list, we can offer you the most practical and viable solutions. We offer treatments that will not simply solve the symptoms but will directly fix the root cause of the problem. We are dedicated to helping our customers implement the true and long-term preventive measures that will lower the possibility that the same incident will occur. We also conduct preventive measures that can eliminate or minimize the required level of treatments needed.

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